Retail Stores UK

The main retail shop was located on 46 Rushey Green, in Catford, south-east London. It looks to now be a tire store. The Clive Stuart Orpington High Street shop started in the spring of 1968. Above it, the historic Polhill Cycle Club Southern Group used to meet in the evenings. 

There were several other shops, 12 Waterloo Road Stoke-on-Trent and 69 Bellgrove Road, Welling in Kent.  Also were, 165 Ulleries Road Solihull, Birmingham (taken over by Mercian Founder Tom Crowther and his wife Janet) and a shop at 113 East Street Bedminster, Bristol has been mentioned. Clive Crossey confirms this and writes in, that he worked at the Bedminster location on Saturdays. The Welling shop was bought by Ken and Alec Bird, (Bird Brothers Cycles) it is still a bike shop now known as Welling Cycles, pictured below.

After the Stoke on Trent shop closed,  Brian Rourke opened next door at 10 Waterloo Road. Brian Rourke Cycles is still in business and continues to turn out some of the finest hand made bikes available today.

A Brian Rourke frame was selected by Robert Penn who authored "It's All About The Bike" The story of the pursuit of the perfect bicycle. Mr. Penn was fitted and had a custom Brian Rourke Frame made for him by Jason Rourke.
the retail locations are listed above
The Book and Mr. Penn's Brian Rourke Dream Bike
Welling Cycles now occupies the Clive Stuart 
Welling location in Kent - 69 Bellegrove Road
U.S. distribution

Velostores (Pine Street Cycle, University District and Velocipede on Madison) in the early 1970's brought in and sold some Clive Stuart Bikes in their Seattle Area Stores. They at one time had 4 stores and operated a wholesale business. One of the stores is still in business, the owner remembers the bikes and stated they brought in a number of them, they sold well during the boom years. He didn't recall the models or configurationa but he stated they were high end bikes, many of them painted yellow.

Velo stores was also a distributor of components from Japan and Sekai Bikes sellings many hundreds in the Pacific N.W. I worked for them during college assembling and repairing bikes.
Brian Rourke Cycles
194 Waterloo Road Burslem Stoke On Trent

               The remaining Velo Store in Seattle

Just a few blocks away from the original location in the Capitol Hill area, retains the spirit of Pine Street Cycle.

Same ownership and quality sales and service. They moved to downtown Seattle in 2013.

Pine Street Cycles was run by enthusiasts and local racers.  Lloyd Tamura and family owned the operation, raced, and sponsored a race team.

Renown cycling experts Bill Davidson and Bob Freeman now owners of Elliott Bay Cycles were key staff members
The Tamura's were the 1st to provide quality bikes to a young racer just getting started with no support. That racer went on to win 6 world track championships, 16 US championships and medals in the Olympics.

I was thrilled to meet Rebecca Twigg several years
ago when she attended a party at my house. While she looked familiar, it didn't dawn on me who she was until she saw my Clive Stuart Bike while fetching a bottle of wine in the basement and asked questions about it.
The site of the Bristol location
The Birmingham Shop is now a fishbar

After CS closed down, this location was taken over by Mercian founder Tom Crowther
The beautiful new store on sixth avenue downtown Seattle

Other than the Velo stores, I've not run across any other U.S.
distribution, just cases of individuals bringing in their own bikes
to the states.