Gallery 2
Dreadful picture, very little in details, the bike is still in use in the UK
A UK mid-level bike, stamped drop outs, midrange components. 
Attractive blue version,
Stronglight cranks, center pulll brakes, stamped rear drop-out. 

From Missoula, Montana
2 similar bikes, the one of the left is in London the bike above in Seattle
Another mid range example set-up for touring. This one was also for sale in Washington State. Owner initially was asking an unrealistic $1500
Found this example on Ebay UK. Looks to be a premium build, Campy Components, drop outs. Nervex lugs? Unfortunately the pictures lack key details. 

New owner will have some sorting out to do. Notice the position of the shift levers.
A Clive Stuart frameset for sale on Hilary Stone's site
DHD from the Retrobike forums recently finished this beauty. 
David Wrench's treasured CS. Premium frame, 531 tubing, nice lugwork.
I found this bike for sale recently. It had been resprayed, The decals used are the ones I had created for my restoration. At one time this bike was yellow. Looks to be a nice build. 
The new owner might want to use the H Lloyd head badge, maybe restore to original yellow.
Found this example online. Can't tell much from this picture. Appears to be a nice build, forged dropouts are usually a good indicator of higher quality.