The Clive Stuart head tube roundel was designed by Ken Bird to represent a fast turning wheel. My crude computer recreation is on the left, I later discovered H Lloyd has faithful reproductions.

A rather ratty Clive Stuart badged track bike
According to Hilary Stone, the bike was likely a Claud Butler rebadged for use by the Clive Stuart Team. The new owner did a nice job restoring it to a fixed gear Butler. (left)
John Turner's premium build Clive Stuart in the UK, it features Nervex Lugs and was purchased in 1969
And finally my finished project. I did end up finding a slightly wider set of Cinelli bars and a more period appropriate Cinelli 1A stem replacing the 1R. 

I re-positioned the brake levers and re-wrapped in a white tape. The bike looks a bit better and is now more comfortable to ride.
I found this reference to Clive Stuart in a 1977 review of a Sekai bike from Bicycling Magazine.

There are some great names on this list!

The chart shows how various bikes rated in a chain stay deflection test, supposedly the lower the number the better.

I wonder how one of today's carbon race bikes
would rate using this test method.
Mid-level Clive Stuart Bikes were built by the Holdsworthy Company in their Penge Factory. The high-end bikes were built by a number of talented frame builders. In addition, other make bikes were sometimes rebadged as CS bikes for additional exposure and for use by amateur racers.
John Turner and his CS in action
This beauty was imported in the early 70's by Yellow Jersey Cyclery in Savannah, GA USA. 

Years later, David Udinsky now owner of Perry Rubber Bike Shop (Paris Roubaix Bike Shop) had the bike come in for service. He immediately recognized it from when he had worked for The Yellow Jersey Cyclery in his youth. He bought it on the spot and it is now on display (and for sale) at his shop. 

Interesting build, I might have guessed it was a south London built bike by Bill Gray as it looks like a team race bike, however the bike has similar distinctive wrap around seat stays, lugs and fork crown as my bike. Hilary Stone suggests this bike was built by Paul Washington. The chrome ends, drop outs and head lugs are beautiful. I love the CS logo on the rear of the seat tube implying most would be seeing it from behind. 

Fork and rims also have CS logo.

On display at Perry Rubber Bike Shop in Savannah Georgia. The initials ALK are ingraved on the Campy brake levers don't match up with any known official team members.
Components from what I can tell are: Campy derailleurs, brakes, post and pedals. Looks like Simplex shifters, supposedly the best of that era.  Cinelli bars and stem. Seamless saddle. Is that a TA crank?

Tom Hardy recently spotted this CS at Golden Gate Park in the Bay Area. (San Francisco) The Yellow paint and CS logo brought back memories from his time in the UK at boarding school in the early 70's. He was a fan of the Clive Stuart team and riders. He now rides a Holdsworth Pro.
Not much to go by in the pictures, but I'd venture to guess a mid range build. The fork crown and decal placement, are very similar to the other mid range examples above. I'm guessing those Shimano brakes are long arms to accomodate 700c wheels in a frame designed for 27" wheels. It's still a stunner in the yellow paint.
This was recently on Ebay. What a contrast to the above bike. IMO low quality frame with a CS decal. The headbadge and seat tube are dead give aways this is not a real Clive Stuart Bike. Hope the buyer didn't pay too much.
Clive Stuart - 1973   Submitted by Chris Wimpey

I found this stunning cycle on the Classic Lightweights Site. Serial #1014. Really cool fork crown design and a little different wrap around seat stay. Special Lightweight 531 tubing
Stan Sheperd of Aberdeen, sent in these photos of his Clive Stuart Touring Bike. On the left, Touring in Scotland.
I'm not sure what to make of this bike. Is it a rebadged Clive Stuart or is it a CS Tourer?

The construction seems a bit pre CS era?

                                  Anyone care to weigh in?
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Note the light mount and pump pegs
My bike with the Cinelli 1R stem, narrow bars and black cloth handlebar tape
This Atkins track frame is listed on Hilary Stone's site. It shares the same unique seat cluster detail as my bike, the Clive Stuart at Perry Rubber and the Brian Rourke example. All were the work of Paul Washington.
Darren Dawson's new bike: interesting lugwork, wrap around seatstays, a quality frame. Note the CS decal, pump pegs. Anyone have any ideas about this bike?